iPad3 Launch

So there was a lot of speculation about the new features in the iPad3. The usual talk of the retina display blah blah blah.

And then there was this from GigaOm which suggested that the iPad3 might enable you to feel onscreen objects and that the iPad3 could touch you back.

Few minutes back, the iPad3 launched and well, some great stuff on it, but for all you folks who thought that the iPad3 could help you, ahem, ‘touch yourself’, Apple is sorry to say that this technology is not yet available for your device, I mean, on their device.

I managed to, however, get a few insights as to upcoming Apple products from top executives. ‘The iTouch myself every morning’ will be out later this year and will ship with a free ‘(V)iBrator’ helping people pair their devices more efficiently and take it to the next level of cloud (9).


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