Theories on why dogs pee on car tires.

I like dogs. I’m sure most of you do too. They’re warm, friendly, loyal and good drinking buddies. I’ve kind of figured them out by now. Everything they do is straight-forward and simple. Everything, except peeing on tires.

Have you ever stood at a chai shop having your evening smoke watching the the dogs, the bikes, the people, the cars, the dogs, the people. And noticed the four-legged creature tiptoeing around sniffing out people, dog butts, peoples butts, dustbins and vehicle tires. Vehicle tires! Would you believe it! With all the numerous backsides walking around, they sniff out vehicle tires. And then they take a leak on it. It’s insane! They just love tires!

Why do dogs pee on tires?!

I’ve had numerous discussions in the past with various people about why dog pee on tires. Most of them, quite understandably so, change the topic. Every once in a while (there are enquiring souls out there) I do manage to have a conversation and we fail to come to any conclusion. We’ve theorised yet fall short on experimental proof. It is my hope that someone with the drive and motivation to solve one of the most mysterious processes in nature. So here go the theories.

Chemical Theory:

Running tires burn rubber. Burnt rubber emanates Chemical X. Chemical X enters the nasal cavity of our beloved dog and triggers area of the brain (hypothalamus?) responsible for loosening the bladder. Dog pees on the tire.

(R)Evolutionary Theory (The Brian Griffin Theory):

Dogs and man evolved side-by-side. The first wolves entered into human encampments for food. They were captured, told to behave themselves and forcibly domesticated. Wolf did not like being treated like a dog and decided to revolt. Figured that man’s transportation technology has helped him conquer world. We have known forever that to urinate on someone is to humiliate them. The wolves took a piss on one of our greatest discovery. The wheel. Since then, dogs have always peed on tires. They may have forgotten the purpose, but their culture remains blind to the true reason behind this activity. (Meaningless religious activities, please take note).

 Philosophical Theory:

Dogs like peeing on tires. They were created for the purpose of being wonderful, loving pets who just pee on tires. Just like you can’t help being a eco-system disrupting human being.

The God Theory:

God made a beautiful garden with apple tree from which man plucked an apple and ate it without permission. God pissed. Creates dogs to piss on the fruits of our creation. (God less pissed?)

And finally,

The Evolution of the Smart Dog Theory:

Ever seen a dog sniff a tire and give out a meaningful nod?

Dogs figured since they can’t travel far on four feet and since they hadn’t yet figured how to  write they need another means to communicate. What better than to piss on the pride of our technological capability to create their own communication network!!

Everytime a dog pees on your vehicle tire and trots off he sniggers to himself thinking, ‘heard of the phrase top dog?’.

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3 responses to “Theories on why dogs pee on car tires.”

  1. aiyappa says :

    So many dogs pee on tire’s . The Chemical X actually goes into the brains and a small video, or audio or even more complex process runs inside it’s head. This videos carries the thoughts, or smells or karishma , or charecter of a different dog from a different place , so it just leaves a video of it’s present state of mind. It might be -‘ I am hungry’,’ I am horney’, ‘ I am lonely’ etc . It is all smell oriented as their brains hav a higher representation for smell . Tyres are dogs media of communication , maybe an image board like . But now which was the first time a dog started using this media, might have been serendipity I am sure . Hope this adds a facet to the story .

  2. Prizlo says :

    Dogs confuse urine with Sulfurous rubber odor from tires. Because they have good sense of smell they pee on tires to mark their territory too.

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